UP Assembly bomb scare: Police arrest suspect who threatened to blow up House on 15 August

By Suvasish Poddar – 14th July, 2017

One individual has been captured for purportedly undermining to explode the Uttar Pradesh assembly on 15 August, police said on Friday.


Farhan Ahmed was captured on Thursday and his cell phone seized. “He had taken the SIM by outfitting a fake address,” Additional Superintendent of Police Chiranjeevi Sinha said. Ahmed, 20, was captured close to a blast under Tarkulwan police headquarters region, he said.

He is being examined by nearby police authorities and knowledge authorities from Delhi, Sinha included. Ahmed had supposedly told the ADG (Law and Order) on his cell phone that he would explode the assembly expanding on Independence Day.

Deoria is 325 km from state capital Lucknow and the area is a piece of Gorakhpur division, the local place of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Ahmed is an inhabitant of Kawlachhapar town under police headquarters Rampur Karkhana. In a noteworthy security break, an unsafe plastic dangerous was found in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, which on Friday consistently suggested a NIA test.

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