Governor spoke like a “BJP block president” says mamata

By Staff Reporter – 5th July, 2017

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has asserted that she was “extremely embarrassed” by Bengal Governor KN Tripathi.


She asserted that the Governor was actuated by BJP pioneers. Mamata asserted she was “undermined” by the Governor who talked like a “BJP square president”. “I felt mortified the way he addressed me.

The Governor talked like a BJP square president. Sorry to learn, I am not going to tune in to such dialect,” said Mamata. Mamata responded to the Governor’s remarks after the last called the Chief Minister to talk about viciousness between two groups which occurred in Baduria in North 24 Parganas.

The contrasts between the state’s Chief Minister and the Governor playing out in the open space are phenomenal. “I have never been mortified in this way in all my years… I had a craving for leaving after the way in which he talked with me,” said Mamata. I didn’t come to control with his favors… I came to control with the favors of the general population… In the event that he is holding a Constitutional post, so do I Mamata.

He can’t address me like this… he can’t take sides of just a single gathering… I am profoundly harmed,” said Mamata. Tending to a question and answer session, Mamata stated, “I won’t enable Bengal to be isolated for the sake of religion.

The Governor ought not stand firm. He ought not overlook that I was chosen by the general population and he was chosen by the focal government.” While censuring the conflicts, she stated, “Someone posted a photo on Facebook and police captured that young. At that point where is the issue? I might want to caution those included in the conflicts not to behave recklessly.”


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